east bay wilds has loads of beautiful plants right now and our prices have been lowered for most items. in addition to plants, we have a wide variety of garden benches, tables, chairs, statues, planters, antiques, and tchotchkes for sale at great prices. you can see photos of many of these here

the nursery is open for an hour or two on most weekdays, but you must call first to find out what time to meet me there, as landscaping is our primary focus. my number is 510-409-5858.

plant availability list

east bay wilds is a firm which specializes in the use of native plant material for use in residential and commercial landscapes in the east bay as well as the rest of the bay area. we design, install and maintain naturescape gardens using plants cultivated in our own native plant nursery.

east bay wilds offers a talk on California Native Plants for Containers, along with a list of Good California Plants for Containers.