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yes, we are open this friday and next – Dec. 23rd and Dec. 30th. Now… the story of an oak…

I planted this Coast Live Oak tree next to this school in my neighborhood about 15 yrs ago. It had been in a 1 gal container for over 20 years. The one gal was only half full of soil, so this thing had very few roots. It was a bushy 1 ft tall oak. We planted it and it grew at least 10 ft in the first 1.5 yrs and now it’s about 30 ft tall and appears to be a very healthy, near mature oak. Their tenacity is remarkable! Sadly, this garden is not maintained at all, but these are some of the trees still there. The Davis Gold Toyon continues to have plenty of berries, although it does have fire blight. I like how the California Buckeyes are maturing too. They allow lots of sunlight in during the cooler months and shade during the warmer parts of the school year. The trees were planted as a response to the teachers complaining about their rooms roasting during the warm seasons.

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