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Just finished a frontyard in Kensington…

We just finished up this frontyard landscape for a very nice woman in Kensington. We removed a lot, but left a few favorites too. Here are some after and before pics of the yard. Stay tuned to watch in mature!East Bay Wilds Native Plant Nursery is open tomorrow and every friday from 9:30-4. We just got a large shipment of plants in, including these magnificent 15 gal Arctostaphylos ‘Austin Griffith’s’. You are welcome to pull into our lot as long as you don’t mind shuffling your vehicle if someone needs to get out. We are located on 28th Ave at Foothill Blvd, Oakland CA. 2777 Foothill Blvd, Oakland 94601 is our official address. You can see our [sort of] current inventory here: https://docs.google.com/…/1tVOY81URjrwAa…/edit…

Crisantos spraying the stabilizer on the decomposed granite pathways.
Before shot – pretty much no natives here.

The lavendar in the foreground is one of the plants we decided to keep. Sometimes the shock of a freshly planted native garden is a bit harsh/sparse. Next year and the next few years are going to be interesting!
We left the raised center area, but removed alot of distracting details to make it more calm.
For the most part, the new plants are too small to even mention yet. I prefer to id more in the subsequent, more mature photos.
Note the ‘lending library’ at the top of the garden on the street. This one is very active – things changing in it daily.
The meandering decomposed granite pathways are so much easier on the eyes and the feet than those big clunky pavers.

You can now search our inventory online!